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Daniela Gross, Photographer, South Florida Artist, DG Photo Art Design, Photography, South Florida

About the Artist


Daniela Gross


Daniela was born and raised in East Berlin, Germany and moved to Florida at age 24. What was meant to be a 1.5 year learning experience, ended up being her home for over 17 years. The sunsets and the ocean had a strong impact on her finding her passion in life... photography and art. 

Daniela uses her camera to see another view of the real world. A world that combines shape and form to evoke emotion in a fraction of a second. The beaches, preserves and parks are amongst her favorite playgrounds. Daniela captures their ever-changing movement and explore the hidden images that emerge. The essence of her photography is to connect the beauty of the real world to a deeper place within ourselves.

Explore her newest creative outlet... Resin.  

View all of her newest creations in the shop section. 

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