Daniela Gross, Photographer, South Florida Artist, DG Photo Art Design, Photography, South Florida

About the Artist


Daniela Gross


Daniela uses her camera to see another view of the real world. A world that combines shape and form to evoke emotion in a fraction of a second. The beaches, preserves and parks are amongst her favorite playgrounds. Daniela captures their ever-changing movement and explore the hidden images that emerge. The essence of her photography is to connect the beauty of the real world to a deeper place within ourselves.

About the Artist


Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson has been supplying artwork to the interior design community since 1997. By working closely with the designers and clients, we're able to provide a custom look that transforms ordinary spaces into the extraordinary. Whether it is a conceptual idea requiring development or the commissioning of site specific work tailored to the clients needs, we are committed to producing a quality product that satisfies the most discriminating taste. Understanding current design trends, we offer cutting-edge contemporary original works of art that complement today's design concepts. All projects are welcome regardless of budget or quantity.